Izoplast Hitech Panel is a manufacturer of ASA PVC Roof Panels and roofing systems where PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. The factory is located in Turkey, in Mersin city where Turkey’s largest port resides. PVC Roof tiles or roof panels have unequaled advantages and benefits when compared to its rivals and to traditional tiles. Izoplast produces the PVC roof tiles in its plant under the patented brands Izotile, Izotuile and İzokremit.

Izoplast uses one of the world’s most advanced co-extrusion technology and machinery making Izotile truly a unique brand. Izotile has high impact strength and high resistance against atmospheric conditions. Izotile panels are light and practical. They can easily be assembled and transported, thus they provide economical advantages.

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Izotile is a new generation roof cladding product manufactured by co-extrusion technology. The panel consists of 4 layers made of PVC and ASA raw materials that provide high impact strength and high resistance against all atmospheric conditions. Izotile can easily be assembled and has significant economical advantages. It is guaranteed against all weather conditions.


Heat and UV Resistance

Izoplast PVC-ASA Roof Sheets (Izotile) can maintain their physical properties between  temperatures -40°C and 90°C. Izotile products are highly heat and UV resistant thanks to their acrylic top layer and the subsequent multilayered compound.

The Environment

Izoplast PVC-ASA Roof sheets (Izotile) are environmentally friendly and are 100% recyclable.

Color Quality and Retention

Izoplast PVC-ASA roof sheets (Izotile)  are protected with a premium grade anti-UV ASA layer providing an outstanding color retention property.

Thermal Insulation

Izoplast PVC-ASA Roof sheets (Izotile) provide an unsurpassed thermal insulation due to their multi-layer co-polymer structure where each layer acts as a heat dampner.

Sound insulation

The physical properties of Izoplast PVC-ASA Roof Sheets (Izotile)  provide superior sound insulation performance compared to metal and bituminous roofing tiles.

PVC-ASA co-polymer is known to absorb high frequency sound waves such as rain water and hail sounds.


Izoplast PVC-ASA roof sheets (Izotile) are self-cleaning, dirt-proof, hygienic and anti-bacterial . They have lotus effect properties.

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